Why Families Are Now Choosing Serviced Apartments (Even for Staycations!)

Combining hotel comfort and expectations with home living standards of self-catering living and necessities like a fridge (we all love the fridge), we’ve come to realise that serviced apartments are now becoming an upcoming 1st choice preference for ‘holiday’ accommodation, or even staycation accommodation! So why is it becoming so popular you wonder? Let us enlighten you on our feedback why!

Bedtime doesn’t have to apply to the whole family

Now that sounds better doesn’t it?

Booking a serviced apartment doesn’t mean you’ll get the same layout as a family hotel room of everyone sleeping in the same room and having to suffer with dad’s west end movies at 2am! Our serviced apartments each have separate bedrooms, your own living and dining area and only a few feet away is access to the kitchen – movie night wins at the ready with freeview TV available round the clock and free wi-fi too.

Roam free with your own space

If you’re one to dance around the living room when your song comes on, feel free to go ahead in the apartments too! With open plan designs and spacious bedrooms, there’s plenty of room to let loose and unwind after the bustle of the London life with each apartment designed to give you home comforts and maximum space possible.

Cater for even the pickiest eaters

We all know that children can be difficult with what their taste buds like, or maybe we just like a lot of variety in our food with never eating the same thing twice! Whether you’re a gym goer with meal plans and prep to cater for, kids or you just love to cook – our serviced apartments include fully equipped kitchens. With a stove, oven, kettle, microwave, cutlery & crockery and all cooking utensils, you’ll be able to wine and dine and enjoy the feast without having to spend a fortune (especially in London)!

Location perfect for everyone

If you don’t feel like traipsing around London just to entertain the kids for a day, then indulge in some of what Romford has to offer! With shopping centres being less than a 10minute walk away, amusement centres for the kids, golf courses and museums, cinemas and bowling alleys, local gyms nearby with fitness and leisure facilities and of course – numerous amounts of high street shops, pubs, bars and restaurants, Romford really does have some of the best entertainment to offer for a family friendly day out (or night out)! And with Romford station only being a few minutes’ walk away, you can reach central London in 20minutes to hit the town in style!

Our serviced apartments cater for the travelling individual, the couple, the best friends out for the weekend and families – whether it be business or leisure, book direct with us to get the best rates on room prices!

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