5 Courses in Canary Wharf

Now we can’t be the only ones who think it’s an amazing idea to go to a new restaurant/café/coffee shop for every single meal of the day – especially if you’re HUGE foodies like us. So we’ve put together your Canary Wharf diet plan for a day, and your gym refeed session will thank us later :)

canary wharf breakfast club

Meal 1: Breakfast

Obligatory, and obvious – it’s The Breakfast Club with your coffee/smoothie/juice/handheld beverage from CPRESS Juice. I mean, desserts for breakfast = absolute no brainer with their pancake stacks. They do have a menu that caters for all so if you’re looking for lighter options this is an option too (but we’re just foodies at heart so we’ll naturally pick the sweetest thing on the menu). And, well, because breakfast is about to be a monstrous meal, CPRESS offers the accessible healthy eating in a heartbeat with cold-pressed juices!

Breakfast Club: CR30, Crossrail Station and Retail Mall, 1 Crossrail Place, London E14 5AR

CPRESS: 7 Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5FU

chop'd jerk chicken

Meal 2: Lunch

Superfood for super people. Ok that was a bit corny but it basically is that! Hectic schedules and back to back meetings and multiple coffees with no time to meal prep = you need Chop’d in your life. With superfood salads, stews, flatbreads and even the likes of their jerk chicken…. Say no more after jerk chicken. J (ps: they also do delivery)

Chop’d: Canada Place, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AH

davys bar canary wharf

Meal 3: Tea

We’re British which means we like high tea and scones – traditional we know, addictive, they are. So Davy’s makes for the perfect tea spot after a day in London. With a specially curated wine, port and draft lagers list and a menu that focuses on seasonal produce in the form of finger sandwiches and home-made cakes – we think we’ve just sold ourselves on it all over again. Elegant, sophisticated yet totally there to unwind and indulge.

Davy’s Bar, Brasserie & Grill: 31-35 Fisherman’s Walk, Canary Wharf, London E14 4DH


Meal 4: Dinner

Where the capital meets the far north – Boisdale brings fine dining with Scottish passion and a jazz-alogical soul. With 2 floors, 4 private dining rooms, a live music venue and even an Oyster Bar & Grill and terrace. Phew, a lot, a dining experience to remember that’s for SURE! I mean who can resist dinner with a beat right? But it’s even more special when it’s live as the restaurant has the best programme of jazz, blues and soul performed throughout the year. Oh and if you’re big on whisky – be sure to check out their 1,000+ bottles of malt whisky.

Boisdale: 15 Cabot Square (accessible within Canary Wharf shopping mall), London E14 4QT

Meal 5: (The most important meal of the day) Dessert

Of course, the best until last, naturally. So we’re running to Yoomoo for what seems to still be a huge trend of frozen yoghurt – because let’s face it, after the day of munch this is entailing, you’ll be stomaching nothing more than gelato. Premium ingredients and customisable options, Yoomoo is our spot!

Yoomoo: 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LQ

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